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The Yarnspirations How To hub is your one-stop shop for all you need to know to pick up a new skill or level up the skills you already have. With a library full of videos, tutorials, pictorials, diagrams and tips & tricks, you're sure to find something to help you get creating.

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Want to take up knitting? Know how to crochet but would like to learn a new technique? Need a refresher on an embroidery stitch? Our learning categories will help you gain the knowledge you need no matter what your crafting goals are.

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Color-Coded Skill Types

Our How To hub is full of information on a number of different crafts. Thanks to our color-coded organization system, it's easy to find your skill type at a glance. And with six needlework types, you're sure to find your favorite fiber craft here.

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Over the years, our team of experts have learned a lot of shortcuts, timesavers and project-saving lessons. Look for the 'Tips' icon for their clever advice and ingenious tricks. Bolded words contain helpful popovers full of definitions where you need them (just click on them to open).

Introduction to the Yarnspirations' How To Page

Handy Illustrations, Images and Videos

There are many different types of learning techniques. Whether you're the visual type or the reading kind, our How To section has the instruction style for you. We’ve included written instructions as well as pictures, illustrations, step-by-step videos and pattern tutorials.

Introduction to the Yarnspirations' How To Page

Tight Knit Community of Learners

Learning is so much more fun when you do it with other passionate people. Visit our comment section to ask questions, share lessons learned and get support from our welcoming community of talented crafters and creators.

Introduction to the Yarnspirations' How To Page

  • Be Inspired by Multi-Colored Threads

    Whether you’re using a cotton or polyester all purpose thread, a machine or hand quilting thread, or a polyester embroidery thread, you’re sure to be inspired by the variegated color offerings. Surprises are in store!

  • Topstitching- Not so Scary!

    Topstitching is simply stitching on the outside of a project, usually just in from the edge. It is not only decorative, but it helps create a flat, crisp edge. It can also be done on one or both sides of a seamline to help hold the seam allowances in place, either open flat, or to one side.

  • Sew On a Button Quick - by Machine!

    Sewing machines can do lots of things, but perhaps you haven’t exhausted all the possibilities yet. Attaching buttons by machine is not only fast, but secure as well. Any flat button with holes will work for this process.

  • Sewing with a Twist - Yarn, That Is!

    Sewing with a twist—yarn, that is! No, there isn’t a machine sewing needle with a giant eye that lets us sew with yarn (yet), but there are several ways you can incorporate yarn into your work.

  • Sewing Metallic Threads

    Nothing adds a little shine to a project like metallic thread, whether you use it as an accent or as the primary embellishment. It’s great for decorative stitching, topstitching, serging, and even quilting, both on a regular machine and a longarm machine.

  • Free-Motion Stitching - Let It Go!

    Free-motion stitching takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s very freeing not to depend on the machine’s feed dogs and presser foot to keep the fabric moving. With free-motion work, you’re in charge of the direction (any) and the speed at which the fabric moves (any).

  • Hand Sewing Tips

    Much as some people like to sew everything on the sewing machine, there are times when sewing by hand may be a better option. A project with hand sewing is also portable—you can take it with you when you travel or to local events with “waiting time” like at a doctor’s office, sports game, etc.

  • 8 Tips for Sewing with Sheer Fabrics

    Whether you’re sewing up something special for prom, a wedding or other special occasion, or just planning ahead for your summer wardrobe, chances are good that there’s a least one sheer fabric involved in the adventure.

  • 10 Ways to Add Room to Grow in Kid's Clothes

    It’s fun to make kid’s clothes, but just a little discouraging to have them outgrow things before their time. So plan ahead and build room to grow in the garment to deal with those unexpected spurts so your handcrafted clothes will still be usable

  • Edge-to-Edge Seaming

    When is a seam really not a traditional seam? When it sewn edge to edge. This is called an abutted seam. The edges are abutted and the adjacent pieces are sewn together.

  • 9 Tips for Sewing on Leather

    Sewing on leather, whether real or faux, can present some challenges, but with these tips, you can achieve professional looking results.

  • 12 Tips for Sewing Napped Fabrics

    Napped fabrics tend to be bulky, creating some sewing challenges. Here are 12 tips for success when sewing napped fabrics:

  • Easy Swimwear Fabric Sewing Tips

    If you’re frustrated with swimsuit shopping, then it’s time to make your own! I love sewing and teaching swimwear and I have easy tips to help you successfully dive into sewing your own suit. Best of all, Coats and Clark has a marvelous new thread, Eloflex, to make your swimsuit sewing dreams come true!

  • DIY T-Shirt Sewing Tips

    If you haven’t sewn with knits, a DIY T-Shirt is a great place to start! They’re easy and fast to make, comfy to wear and we all love owning a closet full of them.

  • Skill Level: All

    Multi-Color Coordinate List

    Need to find the perfect match? Check out suggested solid coordinates to multicolored yarns. These are colors that blend but are not necessarily exact matches.

  • How to: Wishlist

    Your wishlist can save patterns and products. Anything from your favorite thread to that blanket pattern you’ve had your eye on. Use your wishlist to keep everything saved in one space when you’re ready for your next haul.