Patons Stitch Style: Breezy Dolman Knit Top


Patons Stitch Style: Breezy Dolman Knit Top


Selecting sizing can be tricky when it comes to knit and crochet patterns. What happens if you choose the wrong size and you don’t find out until the seams are seamed and ends woven in? Well, sometimes choosing an unexpected size is half the fun! With this Breezy Dolman Knit Top, made in Patons Grace, you can choose a smaller size or larger one for a completely different fit and effect. if you’re looking for a slightly tighter fit like a traditional tee, opt for the fit that is closest to you body measurements. If you want a slouchy, relaxed, over-sized tee, you can go up one or two sizes to get the fit you want!

Breezy Dolman Knit Top-XS/S

Extra Small/Small

The model in this photo is wearing the extra small/small size shown in the pattern, and you can see its a little tighter, a little shorter and a little more fitted. This is a great choice because it will pair well with a looser pant or skirt without overwhelming the outfit.

Breezy Dolman Knit Top-M


This photo shows the difference going one size up makes! If you want to have a relaxed shirt to throw on over denim shorts, this is the fit for you! Get creative with sizing and experiment with this Breezy Dolman Knit Top pattern!