Elegant Lace Shawl in Patons Silk Bamboo


Patons Stitch Style: Elegant Lace Shawl


From Work To The Weekend

It’s that time of year, everyone! The AC units are humming, the layers are lightening, and people are reaching for an accessory that can go the extra mile. Enter the Elegant Lace Shawl in Patons Silk Bamboo! This wrap is a lightweight yet warm option to throw on over an office outfit or take on a weekend outing.

Elegant Lace Shawl


For Work


This simple and elegant shawl is a great accessory to keep at the office for when the AC kicks in or you need to run out for a coffee. Keep your backup layer of the back of your chair for a little warmth when you need it! Paired with a black pencil skirt and sensible black accessories, you’ll be dressed with the best at the office.

Elegant Lace Shawl - For Work


For the Weekend


Whether it’s a wedding, a walk on the beach or late brunch, throw this wrap in your bag and bring it out when the wind whips up or the sun sets. That way there’s no reason to cut your fun outing short if you get a little chilly! We love it styled with this light dress and nude accessories. Neutral-chic at it’s finest!

Elegant Lace Shawl - For the Weekend