Kitchy Christmas Crochet Projects


Need Some Christmas Ideas?

Other than the washroom in your home, the Kitchen is one of the most heavy traffic areas of most of our homes.

For myself, I prefer practical gifts for any occasion. For example, a friend bought me a figurine but I am not a collectible type of person. I felt bad as she saw my face and I didn’t light up. For the next year she bought me a portable push sweeper and I was so excited. It was practical and something I can use.

Kitchen based ideas just make a lot of sense. So today, I have done a kitchen round up of ideas to consider doing. The best thing about my list is that each of the patterns are free to use! If you have the desire and like what you see, simply click the link and the pattern is yours! Talk about Christmas coming early.


Dishcloth Ideas


Towel Toppers






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