Christmas Stress & Crochet Projects

Christmas is just around the corner and crocheters have their hooks just going full tilt to get the final gifts done and wrapped up for gift giving. I think I have read a few times where crocheters have broken their hooks in half because they pushing themselves fast and furious.

Are you like me? You wait last minute and then start cutting into your beauty sleep to get the projects done on time. “Just one more row you tell people in your life as they head to bed and suddenly the clock strikes midnight!” Your mind is going full tilt and practically kicking yourself for waiting too long. At some point, you start reasoning with yourself that it’s okay to be late but then your conscious kicks in telling you it’s not okay. The internal battle as the stitches fly off the hook can be stressful to itself.

Meanwhile, you go look on Facebook and some crocheters have their gifts done and they are doing a happy dance! Oh good grief. Must be nice for them. A quick Facebook glance turns into an hour of looking at other ideas and before you know it, another hour and then another and suddenly you’ve let the evening get wasted on Facebook when you could have been hours ahead.

So to tempt you further, let me give you a list of ornamental ideas that are small. If you are pounding away on your afghan, how about I give you some ideas that you can take a break from the big project with.


Here’s My Knotty List of Crochet Ideas

  1. Lily Sugar'n Cream Elf Dishcloth
  2. Wrapped Around the Ball
  3. Amigurumi Head Ball Ornaments, assorted
  4. Snowman Crochet Gift Card Cozy
  5. Icicle Ornaments
  6. Trio Hearts Ornaments

Try not to stress too much as we head to Christmas. We know all of us have many ideas but we have to be realistic too. A great friend will allow you to be late as they understand your creativity. But if you are waiting until June to finally finish it, just save it for next year and crochet them something smaller.

Until next time, happy hook’n!



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