Let’s Keep it Real For Real People

Keeping Sizes Real

One of the reasons why I appreciate Yarnspirations’ Website so much is that the patterns are reflecting real people. There’s a whole lot more to the pretty pictures when you click on them and realize the sizing of most of the adult apparel has sizes that go above XL. In fact, many go all the way to 5 XL.

I go to craft shows. I host several events each year. I see who is crocheting and knitting. In keeping this blog real, many who turn to crochet and knitting are using it as a stress relief from the fast paced society we are in. While you will see ‘model skinny’ crocheters and knitters out there, let’s be honest. Most of us, including me, are not ‘model thin’. We are just real people.

I reflected with a crocheter at a recent show. She was upset as she was a size 14. She claimed she was super fat and that she cannot live up to the expectation of the fashion magazines or even some of the models that are displayed online for patterns. I was so heart broken for her. Her self image and worth is being determined by pictures and unrealistic expectations.

  • Crochet Cap Sleeve Top (Green Top) – In Pattern Book (Not Free)
  • Meet Me in the Middle Glam Stripes Top (Black and White) – Free Pattern

“Firstly honey, you are not fat! You are a real person, living a real life!”, I said with concern. I was concerned that her value of pictures and models are giving her a standard that she cannot live up to. Don’t let model pictures decide for you on what your value and contribution to society is!

Yarnspirations is keeping it real by having the designers design apparel for real people. Yes… for people like you and I. While many of the pictures will show the models wearing the garments, you have to dig a bit deeper into the pattern and you will notice many patterns going up to 5 XL. Phew… what a relief! A company that is keeping it real!

So next time you are searching for patterns, don’t let the models fool you. With a head bobble and a ‘z snap’ of my fingers. Most of us ‘real people’ can rock the same outfit in sizes that are keeping it real! Uuuuuuuummmm hummmm, that’s what I am talk’n about!

For real patterns for real people, have fun searching on Yarnspirations for ideas!