Being Versatile with Granny Squares

Granny Squares are probably the most popular motif in crochet, and for good reason! They are easy to learn, and are often the natural ‘next step’ when someone first learns how to crochet. They are also very versatile, with seemingly endless ways to configure them into bags, garments, pillows and the most popular: Blankets.

The great thing about using a motif in a Blanket is that you can customize the size of your finished project simply by making more or less motifs than are called for in the pattern.

In the new Springtime Squares Blanket, we have made a Baby Blanket using simple Granny Squares measuring 42” [106.5 cm] square.

Each Granny Square has a finished measurement of 8” [20.5 cm]. To create a Baby Blanket, we pieced together 25 Granny Square motifs in 5 strips of 5 to make a piece 40” [101.5 cm] square. Then a border was added, bringing the final measurement to 42” [106.5 cm].

To create the diagonal pattern, we made 9 Motifs in Contrast A (Pale Green), 8 Motifs in Contrast B (White) and 8 Motifs in Contrast C (Soft Pink).

Granny Squares Color Grid 1

Now, say you’re interested in this pattern but would like to make it bigger, more suitable for your Living room. Luckily, it is just a matter of making more motifs!

Since the Motif in this pattern finishes at 8” [20.5 cm] square, a throw blanket can be achieved by increasing the Motifs from 25 to 56. Sewn into a piece 7 Motifs wide by 8 Motifs long, will measure 56” [142 cm] wide by 64” [162.5 cm] long. A simple 2 rounds of Single crochet for a border will finish it up at approximately 58” [147.5 cm] by 66” [167.5 cm] – plenty of room for snuggling!

I’ve made a diagram showing the new configuration. I’ve also changed the colours from the original Baby Blanket to more Home décor friendly shades of Grey in Caron One Pound.

You will need to make 18 in Dark Grey Mix (10618), 19 in Soft Grey Mix (10616) and 19 in Med Grey mix (10617).

Granny Squares Color Grid 2

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