Kid's Casual Beanie and Mouse

It’s Casual Time

The new Look book called City Mouse & Country Mouse has a very relaxed feel to the edition. The patterns are free inside to explore. The book reminds me of a store catalog in the presentation but the cool thing is that you can get the free pattern to crochet items that you see.

Inside the book are these two patterns simply called That’s My Beanie, Baby and City Mouse.

The Beanie

The Beanie isn’t form fitting to the child’s head but has a casual virtually a slouchy look to it. The pattern has a beginner’s level to it. In reviewing the pattern, it’s simply just half double crochets. The pattern is a quick project and you can crochet many different colours for having different options for the child’s attire.

The City Mouse

For those who love to complete Amigurumi projects, this pattern makes a mouse that is 15″ tall. It’s a generous size for a stuffie. The pattern is lengthy to follow the instructions but details, just as you would expect for typical Amigurumi to achieve the results you see.

Did you notice that the doll is nearly matching the child’s outfit in the picture above. You can have fun for customizing the mouse to suit the personality of the child you can gift it to.

Take the pattern step by step and you will definitely be successful.

That’s it for this week! Toodles for now!