Changing Colors for Different Looks

When starting a new project, one of the really fun parts is picking the yarn colors! But there is a lot at stake. Beyond picking your favorite hues, or most flattering shades, color choices can really affect the finished look and feel of a project, even when the exact same pattern is used.

Which means you need to think about not just what you like, but how those colors will look with that pattern. For instance, using a bubblegum pink yarn can make a purse that looks perfect for a little girl, but the same bag can be quite sophisticated when made in jewel tones.

And when you have stripes and variegated yarns to choose from, the options really multiply! Here are some great examples of how color changes can affect the look and feel of the same pattern.

My Hobby is Crochet made this pretty Pleated Mini Skirt and you can see how different it looks when worked in solid as opposed to stripes!

My Hobby is Crochet Pleated Mini Skirt
My Hobby is Crochet Pleated Mini Skirt

Snappy Tots created this super cute Jelly Bean Slouch Hat using Red Heart Super Saver, and if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was two different patterns! Nope, it’s all in the colors.

Snappy Tots Jelly Bean Slouch Hat
Snappy Tots Jelly Bean Slouch Hat

Crafting Friends Designs created this super cute Stars & Stripes Sundress in 3 different sizes — it’s the same pattern idea for the Child, Toddler, and Infant versions — but there are definitely 3 different looks here!

And this one is a real wow! Kim Guzman started crocheting her Lunar Crossings Shawl in one color, but look what happened when she switched to Red Heart Unforgettable!

Kim Guzman Lunar Crossings Shawl
Snappy Tots Jelly Bean Slouch Hat

Sincerely Pam created the Butterfly Breeze Poncho with Red Heart With Love – and she used different color combos to get a great variety of looks! They are all so distinct!

This one really is impressive – clearly, the look you get with ELK Studio’s Morning Frost Hat is all about the colors of Red Heart Soft you use!

ELK Studio Morning Frost Hat

If you’re having trouble deciding on a colorway, try going to the Ravelry Page for that project, and check out the project photos made by other crocheters or knitters! I love seeing all the gorgeous colorways used in the Brown Butter Shawl!

So what colors will you choose for your next project? It can make all the difference in the finished item – and there is a whole rainbow of options, thanks to Yarnspirations!