Improve your crochet skills!

Looking to take up a new craft? Then learning to crochet might just be your next hobby! If you’re already a crocheter then you’ll also find this post helpful. Below we suggest a couple of crochet blanket patterns to help you improve your crochet skills and finesse your crochet techniques.

Beginner Crochet Project

A great crochet project to start out with if you’ve already learned some of the basics like crocheting a foundation chain and single crochet stitch, is the Classic Granny Square Throw. If you’re still learning these basics, you can check out our YouTube channel for video tutorials that will easily show you how to work the crochet basics here. A throw or a blanket are great projects if you’re serious about improving your crochet skills. Crocheting a larger project means you’ll have plenty of practice following a pattern and repeating stitches, developing the muscle memory needed to crochet effortlessly. The Classic Granny Square Throw will teach you an iconic crochet motif, the granny square. Once you’ve mastered the granny square you will be able to easily apply this technique to many different crochet patterns. This crochet throw pattern is worked in chain stitches instead of existing stitches, meaning that this crochet pattern is fool-proof. You’ll be able to crochet your first throw quickly and easily!

You can watch the pattern tutorial for this blanket below!

Advanced Beginner Crochet Project

Now that you’ve made your first crochet blanket you’re ready to level up your crochet skills and attempt new techniques. The Crochet Corner to Corner Blanket uses a trendy corner to corner technique with alternating colors, allowing you to practice simple crochet colorwork. Following this crochet pattern, you’ll use all the skills learned in the Classic Granny Square Throw with the addition of working in both stitches and chain spaces to create a unique texture. You’ll also learn how to make pompoms! They’re not an essential crochet skill but, they are a fun way to finish off a project and they look great on blankets.

Another great project to help you stretch your crochet skills and add more crochet stitches to your repertoire is the Ripples in the Sand Crochet Afghan. This afghan is crocheted back and forth in rows, the pattern includes both charted and written instructions to help you through the two-row stitch repeat. The chevron motif of this afghan will put to practice your crochet decreases by working a double decrease, allowing you to develop the necessary skills for shaping. This will help you with creating many other crochet projects, like crochet garments and toys! This crochet afghan pattern uses Bernat Maker Home Dec, a tubular cotton blend yarn that has incredible stitch definition, perfect for someone learning new crochet skills as you can easily see how your stitches are formed and keep track of your tension.

Before moving onto a more complicated crochet pattern you want to make sure that you feel comfortable holding your hook and being able to identify what your stitches look like. This will help with following more complicated patterns. Don’t forget to trust the pattern! In some cases, you may feel that the next step in the pattern doesn’t seem right but, don’t worry a pattern is a simple instructional map that will show you the way. Follow it well and you’ll have your crochet project done in no time!

Intermediate Crochet Project

If you’re a crocheter who’s looking to really expand their crochet skill set, then we have some great crochet blanket patterns for you to work on. The Crochet Floral Granny Afghan is sure to put your crochet skills to the test, using the crochet skills needed for creating granny motifs this crochet afghan pattern works in “layers” of crochet to create dimension, something crochet is famously known for. The dimension in the flowers on this afghan are crocheted by creating chain stitches behind crochet stitches you’ve already worked up.

You can watch the pattern tutorial for this blanket below!

If you’re looking to really test your crochet skills, then the Crochet Cablework Afghan is a true heirloom project that will do just that! This afghan will use all your previous crochet experience from the crochet blanket patterns you’ve worked up. Charted instructions for this type of project acts as a blueprint for the stitch repeat in this afghan, so having learned to read these charts will prove to be a great asset. Crocheting front and back post stitches creates the distinctive cabled texture in this blanket, while combining a variety of stitch heights, from single crochet to treble crochet stitches. This crochet afghan will be a true test and a great way to show off your crochet skills!

You can watch the pattern tutorial for this blanket below!

We hope you find these crochet blanket patterns great practice for your crochet skills! You’ll not only improve your crochet skills with these projects but also end up with beautiful blankets to keep or gift. If you’re looking to continue practicing to crochet and creating more crochet projects, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel! We create new video tutorials every month, so you’ll have lots of videos to help show you how to either crochet your way through a pattern or develop new crochet skills!

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