Stretching Skills with New Stitches

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a pattern instruction, that you just gave up, and switched to a different pattern? I used to do this, when I was first learning to knit. Most of my projects were just squares or rectangles.

Then, I decided that I was tired of making dishcloths and blankets, and wanted to create a garment. I wanted to make something that I would be proud to wear – not just something easy to make. In order to make this happen, I had to be flexible – and be willing to learn new stitches.

When I found a design I wanted to create, I ordered all the yarn I would need, before I even read the pattern. Now, I was COMMITTED to making the garment. It wasn’t an easy pattern – far from it. It involved cables, charted instructions, and some advanced techniques. I made a gauge swatch, to make sure I had enough yarn, then I got started working.

The process was long and challenging, and I loved every minute of it! At one part of my work, I had to get assistance from Customer Support (, and they were very helpful. When my garment was complete, I was SO PROUD of the work I had accomplished. The greatest part – I am no longer afraid to try new stitches!

Some of you may be intimidated by the Eyelet Stripes Stitch Design required for making the Tank Tunic for our Spring Knit-Along. It is an interesting stitch, which is worked throughout the garment.

Don’t be afraid! Each time you work the stitch, it will get easier. After awhile, your hands will just naturally create the design, and the yarn will flow. When it’s finished, you’ll be proud of your work. Whenever you wear your tank, you will remember your accomplishment!

Watch my video for working the Eyelet Stripes Stitch with dialogue about how I learned the stitch.

And here’s the entire Video Tutorial so far:

Happy Knitting!