9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

1. Make mama a pretty, tote bag to hold her latest project in!

2. Create a package of beautiful yarns — like Patons Lace — in mom’s favorite colors. Accompany the package with a printed pattern presented in a handmade card. Here are a few suggestions: Pretty Triangle Shawl or Bargello Stripes Purse.

3. Handmade bath mitts and wash cloths make a lovely gift, especially when accompanied with artisanal soaps

4. Gift her a manicure certificate. It’s nice to look down while you’re knitting and see pretty polish.

5. Yarn bowls are a nice treat to both hold a skein and display on a shelf. There’s a beautiful selection available on Etsy.

6. I don’t know any crafty type who wouldn’t be over joyed by an arsenal of adornments for use on future projects. Fill a box with vintage trims, colorful buttons and Faux Fur Pompoms!

7. Make her something with no purpose at all, other than putting a smile on her face. I love these little macaroons!

8. Give her shoulders and wrists a break! A massage gift certificate will make any stitcher smile after a long stint of knitting.

9. Often the best gift for mom is that of time. Whether you’re in the same city, or living across the country from each other you can still knit together. Pick a project like, the Long-Distance Shawlette and knit-along versions together either in person or sharing progress-pictures virtually.

Happy Mother’s Day! xx, Vickie