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Introducing: Caron x Pantone

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The inspiration behind Caron x Pantone yarn

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of Caron x Pantone yarn! This collaboration between color experts at Caron and Pantone has been an exciting adventure resulting in expertly curated, full-spectrum merino wool blend yarn.

Capturing color inspiration from the world and spinning it into stunning color combinations has been our top priority for this yarn. Naturally, we also wanted to be able to properly showcase these color palettes and inspire your next project, which is why we decided to create a unique braid presentation for Caron x Pantone yarn. Each color is fully shown in each braid, making it easier to envision how they will work with one another, urging you to experiment and create beautiful color work in your knit and crochet projects. You can also separate each individual link, giving you full control over where and when you use each color.

Caron x Pantone yarn and Knit Fair Isle Hat

You can find the inspiration behind each Caron x Pantone braid and their color palettes here.

The Color Play Tool

What better way is there to play with color than to see if with your own eyes? Get inspired and see what your unique design will look like before you make it with our new the Color Play Tool. This tool is located on every Caron x Pantone pattern page, and allows you to change the colors used in the pattern, as well as the placement of each shade in a color palette. You can see all these changes happening live, helping you visualize what your projects will look like before you make a stitch!

How to use the Color Play Tool

Pattern Collection

With so many curated color palettes to choose from, we made sure that our our pattern collection showcases a range of knit and crochet patterns from hats to sweaters. All use color work techniques, so you can make the most out of each Caron x Pantone braid.

Check out our Caron x Pantone lookbook here and see the different combinations you can make for one pattern using only one Caron x Pantone color palette. It’s great for creating matching sets with slight color variations to gift!

Caron x Pantone yarn and Crochet Color Swatch Scar and Color Swatch Knit Scarf

We’ll be releasing more Caron x Pantone patterns throughout the year so make sure you follow us on social or subscribe to our emails. With this exciting new yarn you’ll want to be the first to know about new Caron x Pantone patterns and additions to the yarn family!

We’d love to see your unique Caron x Pantone projects! Make sure you share them with us on Facebook and Instagram using #caronxpantone.