Welcome to Caron x Pantone, on this page you’ll find all the information needed to create your very own unique Caron x Pantone project!          

How to wind yarn

We show you how to take apart and wind each individual link in your Caron x Pantone yarn. The easiest way to wind your links is to simply wrap your separated link around your hand. Alternatively, if you have a yarn ball winder you can use that or a yarn swift.

The Color Play Tool

With every Caron x Pantone pattern, you get to use the Color Play Tool! The Color Play Tool lets you easily change your braid colors and the placement of each individual color, so you can start playing with color. This will help you visualize how your pattern will look before you make a stitch. You can watch our video which explains how to use the Color Play Tool below. We hope you have fun playing with color and, don’t forget to email your unique design to yourself or a friend by clicking the email icon just before adding your yarn to your cart.