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DIY Décor with Latch Hook Projects

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Latch hook is not only a fun activity, but you also are making something to use in your room.  Latch hook originally is a rug making technique, but there are so many other ways you can transform your finished kit into great accessories for your home.

Latch Hook is a craft all ages can do no matter whether they are experienced or a beginner. WonderArt offers kits in a variety of sizes from simple 8” x 8” designs to 27” x 40” works of art.  Small kits are perfect for beginners or quick weekend projects. The 12” x 12” kits feature cotton rug canvas with larger holes and a grid marked on the canvas. This makes it easier to learn the technique and allows for quicker projects. Pick your favorite kit, grab a latch hook and get started.

When finished, kits like this adorable Cupcake can be made into pillows, wall hangings and more. Treat it like a work of art and display it in your room.  The cotton rug canvas provides a sturdy backing. Smaller kits can be pinned to a bulletin board once the back is finished (more on this below). The finished piece can also be attached to stretcher bars or with clips to a curtain rod.

Turn the finished project into a wall hanging by adding a casing to the back and inserting a dowel or curtain rod.

Cupcake kit Cupcake kit

What if you want to make a rug? There are larger rug size kits, but you can easily join smaller kits together. Have fun and combine designs to create a pattern or use multiples of the same kit for an all-over design. We created this cute Daisy rug by joining 3 kits together.

Wonderart Daisy rug


Finishing the Edges of the Canvas

Basic Finishing Instructions

You will need:

  • Coats & Clark Button and Craft thread
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors

1. Carefully trim any uneven yarns.

2. Trim the canvas, leaving a 1” (2.5cm) border around your design.

Instruction diagram 1


3. Fold the border to the back of the project.

Instruction diagram 2


4. Whip stitch the border in place on the back of the canvas. Do not stitch through the yarn.

Instruction diagram 3

Yarnspirations Tip icon


Do not pull the thread too tightly - it will cause the canvas to curl.



How to make a rug

If you plan to use your finished latch hook picture as a rug, attaching WonderArt Rug Binding will protect the edges and make it more durable. Attaching the binding is simple and can be hand sewn.

Wonderart Rug

You will need:

1. Trim the canvas, leaving 1” (2.5cm) on all sides.

2. To reduce bulk, cut the corners diagonally leaving one blank square next to the corner knot

3. Fold each side of the black canvas to the back. The corners will meet on the diagonal. Pin or use large clips to hold in place.

4. Hand sew the diagonal line and the edges to the back of the canvas. Do not stitch through the knotted yarn.

5. Pin the binding to the canvas even with the folded edge of the canvas. Whipstitch the outer edge of the binding to the canvas. Start in the middle on one side and whipstitch the outer edge of the binding to the canvas taking a couple of extra stitches at the corners. Where the binding meets, fold under ½” and lap the ends. Stitch in place.

6. At the corners, fold the binding over once, then fold again to form a miter. Stitch in place. Whipstitch the inner edge of the binding to the canvas being careful not to go through the knotted yarn.

Instruction diagram 4 Instruction diagram 5 Instruction diagram 6 Instruction diagram 7


To join finished latched projects, butt the edges together and whipstitch the folded edge of the canvas together using Coats & Clark™ Button & Craft thread. Be careful not to catch the yarn in the seam.

Wonderart Rug

How to make a Wall Hanging

Turning your kit into a wall hanging is easy! Follow these steps, slip a dowel or curtain rod in the casing and hang.

Wonderart cupcake

You will need:

1. Finish the back following the Basic Finishing Instructions above.

Optional: Attach rug binding to 3 sides of finished kit (see steps 6,7,8 above). Fold under ½” of the binding at the beginning and end.

Instruction diagram 8

2. Cut a length of rug binding the width of the wall hanging plus 1”.

3. Turn each end under ½ inch and stitch across the end.

4. Stitch the rug binding in place, leaving both ends open so a dowel or rod can be inserted.

Instruction diagram 9

Express your creativity through latch hooking. There’s a kit to inspire and delight every imagination. Choose from these and more!


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