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Yarnbomber Achieves World Record for Largest Granny Square

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Stephen Duneier, the Yarn Bomber, has achieved his goal of a World Record Granny Square! It's made entirely with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and it took him over 2 years to make.

Yarn bombing, also known as yarn graffiti, involves putting temporary crochet or knit coverings on public objects. Yarn bombing is non-destructive and can be easily removed, unlike traditional graffiti. Stephen has done several large-scale installations over the past few years, including the Alien Campsite we wrote about last year.

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On his website, Stephen describes the start of the granny square process: "On July 21st, 2013 I began what I thought would be just another of the many granny squares I had been making for my Saddlerock Yarnbomb. Then it dawned on me, since starting a new square took the most effort, it would be much more efficient to make much larger ones. When it reached 4 feet across I wondered what the record for the largest granny square might be. Turns out there wasn't a category for it yet. When I applied for a new category to be started, I was rejected. So I appealed, and was rejected. This happened 2 more times until they relented and said if I make it at least 10 meters squared, I would have the record."

While he's been working on other projects, he's also been working on his world-record attempt. After measuring a few months ago and falling short, Stephen redoubled his efforts to crochet the granny square. He had a few hiccups getting the square laid out for the official measurement, but it was taken on May 15, 2016 in Santa Barbara, CA.

World Record Granny Square By the Numbers
1,311 square feet Over 60 pounds Half a million stitches 30 miles of yarn 9 hours to lay it out Over 2 years to make The yarn used is E300 Super Saver in 672 Spring Green, 722 Pretty 'n Pink, 324 Bright Yellow, 512 Turqua, and 356 Amethyst. E300_0672_swatch E300_0722_swatch E300_0512_swatch E300_0356_swatch

To get more details about the Guinness World Record process and the finished granny square, look at Stephen's Facebook page.

world-record-granny-square-2 Photo courtesy of Susan Bell Photography world-record-granny-square-5 Photo courtesy of

Follow Stephen on social media to see his upcoming projects: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest

Photograph used in header image by Susan Bell Photography