Patons offers the finest heritage yarns for garments and home decor, as well as timeless patterns that will become beautiful heirlooms. From natural fibres to beautiful acrylics, Patons’ yarns are a classic choice for your most treasured projects. Try out the Patons Classic Wool family of 100% warm wool, or the many exciting textures of the acrylic yarns, perfect for stylish knit or crochet accessories.

Patons Classic Wool

If you’re looking for a yarn with a medium weight that’s easy to stitch, Patons Classic Wool is waiting for you! Make all your cozy garments, and home décor projects with Patons Classic Wool. Patons Classic Wool is soft and lofty, plus the color selection means you can find the right shade for any project. Patons Classic Wool goes beyond knitting and crocheting, it’s also a hidden gem for felting.

Patons Grace Yarn

Patons Grace yarn is an ultra-soft, delicate cotton yarn that you’re going to want to use for summer garments. It’s light and airy, so you can stay fresh and stylish without overheating in the hot summers. Use it for light sweaters, fashionable shawls, and summery tops. Patons Grace yarn has a subtle sheen and it’s easily available in modern shades. You can also use Patons Grace yarn for quality baby apparel, especially for newborns with fashion-forward moms.

Patons Silk Bamboo

Patons Silk Bamboo blends silk with bamboo to create one of the most elegant yarns available. On top of it all, bamboo is an eco-friendly fiber. Patons Silk Bamboo will work excellently in luxury garments and accessories. It’s a supple yarn with an elegant sheen, not to mention warm and lightweight. The 100% blend of natural silk and bamboo in Patons Silk Bamboo should only be hand-washed and laid flat to dry. Patons Silk Bamboo will compliment any outfit. There’s a Patons yarn for every taste and every project out there. Stretch your DIY imagination with Patons yarn and get knitting and crocheting.