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DIY: Embroidered Cuff on Jeans

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My last post, I shared how to embroider on the bottom hem of jeans (here) using their Trilobal Embroidery Thread. For this one we are still working with jeans but I’ll be sharing how to add an embroidered cuff to the bottom hem. This way you don’t have to do any seam ripping and embroidery isn’t as tricky. The flipped up embroidered cuff is on trend right now and a great way to customize your jeans and add color. I used a floral design and changed up the colors to more warm tones like red and orange for Fall. 

Get the details below on how to add an embroidered cuff to your jeans:


DIY Tutorial:

First you will want to measure the bottom circumference of your jeans and add 1″ for seam allowance. You will also want to have an idea of how wide you will want your cuff to be (I made mine 6″ including seam allowance). Keep this in mind when picking out your embroidery designs.

 Cut a strip of denim that is large enough for your hoop and denim cuff. Stabilize it with a medium weight tear away stabilizer and hoop. 

 Embroider the patterns onto the denim. I wanted embroidery on as much as the cuff as possible so I embroidered most of the hoop area which was a 5 x 12″ hoop. 

Cut your cuff to the proper size and include the seam allowance (see above for measurements). Mine measure 6″ x 13″. Keep in mind if you plan to fray the top hem as well. 

Place wrong sides together and sew. I wanted my cuff to look like it was flipped wrong side up so I purposely placed the seam on the outside of the cuff. If you want it on the inside just sew right sides together. 

Press the seam allowance flat. Place the right side of the cuff (match inner seam of denim to seam of cuff) inside the wrong side of the jeans and pin. 

This is a good time to use the free arm of your sewing machine and sew all the way around just above the hem of the jeans. I had a pair that had a fringe hem. You can always cut off the original hem of the jeans to get rid of that additional bulk. 

Flip cuff out and press. Stitch a couple stitches along the seam to keep the cuff upright (where pin is). You can now fray the top part of the cuff by pulling out the denim thread with a seam ripper. 

Repeat for the other side. Make sure you repeat in the opposite direction.

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