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Marly Bird
Marly Bird

Marly learned to crochet in 1999 from her grandmother and in 2004 learned to knit from a dear friend. From the moment she picked up the hook and needles Marly knew that she had to be a part of this industry. In 2006 she quit her job to do just that.

This is where it all started for Marly Bird. In 2006 she decided to start 2 blogs, one for knitting and one for crochet. It wasn't long before her passion for both crafts made her decide to make the 2 blogs into 1 and call it Yarn Thing since it's all about the yarn, not the craft you do to use the yarn.

About 6 months into blogging, another blogger suggested that Marly start a podcast. After asking Jeeves, "what is a podcast?", Marly started what is now known as The Yarn Thing Podcast in 2007. With a BA in Speech Communication from Colorado State University, it seemed that a podcast all about Marly’s love for crochet and knitting was a logical step for her to make.

In 2018, after the success of her YouTube Channel, Marly changed the podcast from an audio only format to a video format and now hosts the show on YouTube. The show is now better than ever as the guest can not only talk about what they love but show us the listeners/viewers the items as well. Check out the Yarn Thing Podcast playlist on YouTube to catch up on some of the latest episodes.

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