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Image of Write On! Crayon Wrap thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Write On! Crayon Wrap

Keeping kids busy on the go is easy with this handy crayon wrap—just fill it, roll it, and tuck into your tote bag along w …

Image of First Aid On The Spot thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

First Aid On The Spot

This handy see-through zippered case keeps first-aid supplies readily available for any boo-boos that may occur while trav …

Image of Messenger Bag Upcycle thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Messenger Bag Upcycle

Hey there, super-sewist – today’s the day to shop the thrift store or raid the back of the closet. Using a well-worn pair …

Image of Crazy Quilted Lunch Bag thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Crazy Quilted Lunch Bag

We recently posted this Crazy Quilted Lunch bag on our website. Not long after we had an email saying, “I love this bag, b …

Image of Zippered Cosmetic Case thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Zippered Cosmetic Case

Add a little pizzazz to a zippered bag with contrasting zipper and top stitching. Two simple notions- thread and zipper – a …

Image of Little Lark Sachets - Sweet, Scented & Slow thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Little Lark Sachets - Sweet, Scented & Slow

January. . . such a great time to slow down, cozy up with a warm cup of something yummy and do a little stitching for your …

Image of Crossroads Denim Diagonal Pillow by Susan Beal thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Crossroads Denim Diagonal Pillow by Susan Beal

We are so excited to welcome Susan Beal as our guest blogger! Susan is a craft writer in Portland, Oregon who loves to sew …

Image of Stylish Picnic Carryall thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Stylish Picnic Carryall

This stylish carryall will hold all of your picnic supplies …

Image of Add Zippers to a T thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Turning a T Shirt Into A Cold Shoulder Top

Turn a simple fitted T-shirt into a “cold shoulder” top by adding Coats Fashion Zippers.

Image of 3 Ways to Sew Outdoor Pillows thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

How to Sew Outdoor Pillows: Beginner Tutorial

Create a variety of simple pillows using outdoor fabrics for a swing, bench or chair. Select outdoor fabrics that are sun …

Image of Baby Bibs- Try a New Thread or Stitch thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Baby Bibs- Try a New Thread or Stitch

Babies and toddlers always need bibs to help keep them neat and tidy while they eat, drool and learn to drink. Baby bibs a …

Image of Oh Tannenbaum with Buttons thumbnail
Pattern Tutorials

Oh Tannenbaum with Buttons

Holiday buttons make up this clever tree embellishment, complete from topper to trunk. They’re simply tied on and threads …