Cro-Shayley Makes a Cross Stitch Heart Sweater Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Pinterest project

Are you signed up to receive project emails from Pinterest? I sure am and as I was going through my emails a few days ago, I came across one with the subject line, ""Cross stitch your grandma would never do."" I loved to cross stitch as a child so when I read this subject line I immediately clicked to read on. I skimmed the projects and came across this one titled, ""DIY tutorial: Cross Stitch Heart Sweater"". I read the directions and thought how cute this would be and how I could make this to wear just in time for Valentine's Day. Thanks ber Chic for Cheap!

The supplies calls for embroidery floss and well, of course I didn't have any in red so I decided to use Red Heart Soft Yarn Cherry Red. Since Soft Yarn is thicker than embroidery floss, I decided to stitch the heart on a loose knit sweater I had in my closet instead of one similar to the one pictured in the Pinterest project.

The project site gives you 3 different heart pattern choices to print out but I decided to draw a grid the size I wanted the heart to be instead. I drew a square 5½"" x 5½"" marking each ½"".


Using a ruler I drew grid lines.


I shaded the grid boxes in the same heart shape from the ber Chic for Cheap project.


I cut out the grid and centered it on the sweater.


I used safety pins to pin the grid to the sweater.


Threading the yarn needle, I then began to cross stitch.


Up and down the rows...






I removed the safety pins and sprayed a little water to soften the paper. Good tip ber Chic for Cheap otherwise, I'd still be picking at the paper.....


Yay! Now, I've got a cute outfit for Valentine's Day!


Stay tuned for more cross stitch yarn projects! This was fun!