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introducing red heart all in one granny square

Do you love the vintage vibes of a classic Granny Square blanket, but don’t love all the ends you have to weave in? We have the perfect yarn for you! Introducing Red Heart All in One Granny Square – designed to do the color changes for you!

Colorful World Of Granny

Utilizing our standard Granny Square pattern, you can achieve beautiful, color-filled, projects with just one ball of yarn. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing and matching our coordinating shades! The final round of your squares will end with Black, Soft White, or Aran, depending on your colorway, allowing you to pair 2 coordinating Granny Squares together, or partner it with the matching shade of Red Heart Super Saver. We have designed several patterns for this fantastic new product – you can find them here

check your gauge and understanding tension

An important part of our All-In-One Granny Square yarn is getting your tension and gauge just right. Now, you may be asking “what is gauge anyway and why is it so important?” Gauge is determined by how many stitches you achieve within 4” [10 cm] with a given yarn and the suggested hook or needle size found on the ball. Generally, we check this by working up a swatch in regular single crochet or stocking stitch that’s bigger than 4” [10 cm] square and measuring our stitches that way. Making your swatch larger than 4” [10 cm] makes it much easier and more accurate when counting your stitches. The suggested gauge is shown on the ball. If you have more stitches within the 4” [10 cm] than is listed on the ball, that means your tension (the way you hold your yarn) is too tight and you need to go up a size of hook or needle, so your stitches are looser. If you have too few stitches, it means your tension is a little loose and you can choose to go down a hook or needle size to tighten up your stitches. You can also tighten or loosen your grip on the yarn to change your tension as well. Every yarn and every pattern will have a listed gauge for you to follow. It’s important to obtain gauge so your projects come out the size you intended.

Red Heart Granny Square images from step 1 to finishing

Now that we understand the need to go up or down a hook size, let’s look at what that means for All-in-One Granny. Our tension is very important when working each individual round. If you find you have too much of the working color left going into the next round, you should rip back a few stitches and loosen up your tension or grab a larger hook. If you find you have run out of the color for the round you are currently working on, rip back a few stitches and tighten up your tension or grab a smaller hook. It should also be noted that you should start with a 4” [10 cm] tail and end with the same length at the end of making your granny square.

It may take you a few tries to get your tension just right for All-in-One Granny, but it is definitely worth it in the end!

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Don’t go it alone! Follow along with our inhouse designers in these super helpful video tutorials.

why all-in-one granny?

class="font-16 mt-3"We have measured every shade so it is the perfect length to finish each round with our designated Granny Square pattern. You can forget about having TEN ends to weave in for each square (2 ends for each color change) with All-in-One Granny, you only have TWO ends to weave in!

The shades in All-in-One Granny have all been carefully curated so it takes the guessing work out of choosing colors. Not only does it match certain shades of Red Heart Super Saver though, it also matches the gauge of it so you can add even more of your own style to your projects!

One of our favorite aspects of All-in-One Granny is its mobility. It’s the perfect yarn to bring with you as an on-the-go project. Instead of carrying 5 different balls with you, you only need the one! If you want an even more portable project, we suggest winding off individual bundles of yarn for each square, taking up even less space in your bag.

Red Heart Granny Square images from step 1 to finishing

We would love to see the projects you make with our new Red Heart All-in-One Granny! Please share photos and stories with us on Instagram by tagging @yarnspirations or @redheartyarns or on our Facebook page.

Happy crocheting!