Love-ly Letters

Yes, you can make a beautiful fabric envelope and send it through the mail. The wonders of fusible technology make it possible and easy!

While the post office agrees that you can actually mail it, they don’t guarantee it will stay clean, and depending on your fabric choice hand canceling may be involved adding a bit of extra postage cost. If you want your sweetie’s envelope to arrive pristine, you might want to slip it into another envelope just to be sure. Doing that will allow you to add many types of embellishments if you desire—like lace, buttons, embroidery, etc.

Choose 1 fat quarter for the outer envelope and 1 for the liner. Note: One fat quarter will allow you to cut 4 envelope pieces, so mix and match for outers and liners. Cut an 8” (20.32cm) square of each fabric.

With wrong sides together and a layer of fusible web between, fuse the liner and the outer envelope fabric together, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cut the pattern from the fused fabric. If desired, use decorative edge scissors (pinking, scallop, etc.) to cut any or all of the flaps.

To create the envelope, fold in the side flaps and crease. Fold the bottom flap over the sides and crease. There should be at least a ¼” (.64cm) overlap. Cut a ¼” (.64cm) wide strip and fuse it to the bottom flap slanted edges right next to the edge. Peel off the backing paper, fold the flap into place and fuse to the side flaps creating the envelope. Note: It’s important that the bottom flap edges fuse only to the side flaps and not to the lining.

Once you’ve tucked in your love note, fold the upper flap in place and use a glue stick or more fusible web to secure it in place. Add a label to the front side, or write directly on the fabric if it’s a light color. Add a stamp, and send it off to your Valentine.

Hand Delivered

If you’re hand delivering your special sentiment, consider adding some machine embroidery using Coats Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread. Use a beautiful script monogram or copy a saying from one of those nostalgic conversation candy hearts to share with your loved one. Most machines, even without embroidery capabilities, offer built-in alphabet lettering.

Or, to change up the envelope shape for a bit of fun–choose a straight flap and add a Coats zipper closure, held in place with big stitches hand-stitched with Bold Hand Quilting Thread.

Look for free printable envelope templates online if you want other sizes or shapes.