Lace Trimmed Jean Jacket

Adding lace and buttons to a jeans jacket dresses it up totally! We have added a double flounce which stitches up in no time to add a totally different look to this western-inspired icon.

Though the featured jacket is shown in blue denim and white lace, any color combo is fair game for this fashion option. Ecru lace adds a more vintage feel and jean jackets come in a multitude of colors. For a different look, substitute beads, studs or pearls for the collar button trim shown.

Designed by: Linda Turner Griepentrog

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting Time: Evening


Jean jacket in your size

Coats Dual Duty XP All-Purpose thread

Coats Denim thread

7 1/4″ (18.42cm) wide lace with two finished edges*

1 1/4″ (3.18cm) wide lace with two finished edges*

12 assorted white sew-through buttons

Zipper foot (optional)

*To figure yardage: For the wide lace, measure the jacket band lower edge and quadruple this measurement. For the narrow lace, measure the jacket lower band edge, plus both cuffs and add 4″ (10.16cm).


From the wide lace, cut:

1 piece twice the length of the jacket band measurement

1 piece twice the length of the jacket band measurement, but trim 2″ (5.08cm) off the upper edge evenly along the entire piece

Assembling the Lower Ruffle

  1. Right sides up, stack the trimmed lace over the untrimmed lace, matching the upper edges.
  2. Sew a line of gathering stitches 1/4″ (.64cm) from the upper edges through both layers.
  3. Mark the center back on the jacket and the center of the stacked laces. Matching the center points, lap the jacket lower edge over the gathering line. Distribute the gathers evenly around the band and extend each lace end 1/4″ (.64cm).
  4. Using Denim thread, edgestitch the lace to the jacket band lower edge.
  5. Using matching thread, fold under the ends of the lace and topstitch together. Repeat for the opposite side of the jacket.
  6. Using the narrow lace and matching thread, stitch both sides along the band lower edge, turning under the ends to finish. Carefully work the lace around any buttonhole and grommets so that they are still functional. A zipper foot may be helpful to stitch around grommets.

Trimming the Cuffs

  1. Using the trimmed lace from the wide ruffle upper layer, cut two pieces twice the length of the cuff measurement. Stitch a gathering line 1/4″ (.64cm) from the cut edge.
  2. Following the method outlined above, stitch the lace to the cuff lower edge.
  3. Sew the narrow lace to the center of the cuff, turning under both ends to finish. End the underlap side just before the grommet. Sew around the existing buttonhole and cut the opening through the lace. Repeat for the second cuff.

Trimming the Collar

  1. Position 6 buttons on each collar point and hand stitch in place using varying patterns for attaching the buttons to add interest.