Sand Sifter Beach Bag

Love the beach but hate the sand that seems to collect in everything? Leave the sand behind with the Sand Sifter Beach Bag! Screening is used for the body of the bag to allow the sand to fall through. The front panel has generous pockets for sunscreen and other items. An attached zipper pouch keeps smaller things like keys or your cell phone together.

Designed by Joy McKeon

Finished Project Size: 20”w x 15”h (50.8cm x 38.1cm)

Coats Dual Duty XP all-purpose thread
Coats and Clark zipper, 7” (18cm)
Black Mesh Pet Resistant Screening (bag body) 1 yd (.914 m)
Printed cotton fabric* (pockets, pouch).75 yd (68.5cm)
Printed cotton fabric*(straps, binding) .5 yd (45.7cm)
Lining (pouch) 15” x 13” (38.1 x 33cm)

Additional Requirements
Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing Supplies
Fabric marking chalk

*Fabrics shown here from The Kaffe Fassett Collective, Shoal by Brandon Mably


Mesh Bag – cut 20 ½ “ x 32” (52 x 81.2cm)
Pockets – cut 2- 15” x 20 ½ “ (38.1 x 52cm)
Pouch – cut 2- 7 1/2” x 6 ½ ” (19 x 16.5cm)
Shoulder Straps – cut 3 –WOF* x 5” (WOF x 12.7cm)
Binding – cut WOF x 3” (WOF x 7.6cm)
Pouch Lining – cut 2- 7 1/2” x 6 ½ ” (19 x 16.5cm)


Use a 1/2” (1.3 cm) seam allowance throughout.
1. Fold Pocket sections lengthwise and press; topstitch close to folded edge of both pocket sections. Baste raw edges of pocket section together.
2. Lay mesh bag body on flat surface. With chalk, mark 13” (33cm) down from each short end.
3. With the inside of the pocket piece facing up, pin raw basted edge of each pocket section along each 13” (33cm) mark, with raw edge towards the top edge of the bag.
4. Stitch pocket sections in place; press pockets up so that the front is facing up; pin.
5. Topstitch lower edges of pockets. Baste remaining raw edges of pockets to side raw edges of bag.
6. Fold Binding in half lengthwise; press. Open and fold long edges in to meet center; press. Fold in half lengthwise again to fold double folded binding.
7. Edge stitch binding to each top edge of bag body. Trim off any excess. Using a diagonal seam to reduce bulk, stitch short ends of three Strap pieces together to create one continuous length.
8. Fold Strap strip in half lengthwise and press. Open and fold long raw edges toward center; press. Fold again lengthwise and press creating a double folded strip approximately 1 ¼” wide (3.17cm). Topstitch entire length ½” (1.27cm) in from each folded edge. Trim strap to 120” (3.04m).
Keep remaining strap piece for later use on Pouch.
9. Again lay mesh bag body flat with pockets basted in place.
10. For strap placement, mark 6.5” (16.5cm) in from both long edges of bag body. Starting on mesh bottom between pockets pin straps in place along marking up and over the top edges distributing length evenly for both handles.
11. Attach strap to bag by edge stitching along both long edges of the entire strap continuing along handles. This step also just created three pocket sections on the front and back of the bag.

Finishing Pouch:
12. Place 1 piece of lining fabric face up, then the zipper and then the outer pouch fabric right side facing down. Align the three edges.
13. Place the zipper foot on the machine. Sew across the top between the edges of the zipper sandwich and the zipper teeth.
14. Open fabric right side out revealing zipper. Press.
15. Repeat steps 13-15 for the other side.
16. Bring lining pieces right sides together; pin.
17. Open zipper half way.
18. Pin one short end of the strap to the right side of the front fabric 1” down from zipper aligning raw edges. Bring pouch fabric pieces right sides together with the pouch strap in the side seam; pin keeping the rest of the strap out of the seams.
19. Stitch around outer edges leaving a 2” (5cm) opening on the lining side for turning.
20. Turn pouch right side out and close opening by hand or machine stitch.

Finishing Bag:
21. For encased French seams, fold bag wrong sides together, matching upper edges; pin.
22. Stitch side seams using ½” (1.27cm) seam allowances. Trim seam allowance to 3/8” (.84cm).
23. Turn bag inside out. Pin raw short end of Pouch strap to one seam allowance.
24. Again sew side seams using ½” (1.27cm) seam allowances.
25. To create boxed bottom, flatten side seam towards bottom and measure 1.5” (3.8cm) up from point and mark a line across.
26. Sew across line. Repeat on other corner.
27. Turn bag right side out.

Hit the beach!