Beginner Knit & Crochet Stitches

Have you always been interested in taking up a yarn craft? Or have you had the intentions of revisiting those knitting or crochet skills your grandmother taught you a long time ago? Below we’ve outlined the basic supplies and skills you’ll need to start learning to knit or crochet!

Learn to Knit

Have you always been interested in learning to knit but we’re unsure where to begin? This classic craft is a great skill to learn, it’s a perfect hobby that lets you be creative, work with your hands and relax. Yoga for your mind! In this segment we’ll show you the supplies you’ll need, the best yarn to start knitting with and the foundational stitches you’ll need to learn to start knitting. If you’re interested in learning to crochet, you’ll find the foundational skills to start learning here.

Knitting Supplies

When learning to knit it’s usually recommended to knit with a yarn that has a thicker gauge. This will help you see what you’re doing and make your movements a little more obvious, so you can get the hang of knitting. We recommend using Bernat Maker Home Dec, this tubular yarn won’t split and is like working with t-shirt material so it’s smooth and easy to work with. You can also try working with Bernat Roving, Patons Classic Wool Roving or Patons Shetland Chunky, these bulky yarns are classic roving yarns to start knitting with.

For these yarns you will need the following knitting needles:

Foundational Knitting Skills

Now that you have your yarn and needles you are ready to start to learn how to knit. While there are many skills and stitches to learn in making knit projects the three foundational skills to start off will allow you to confidently work through beginner knit patterns and help you move onto more advanced stitches as you continue to knit. You can also check out our YouTube playlist on learning to knit. It shows you plenty of other stitches you can learn and tutorials that help you work through knit patterns.

How to Cast On

This is one of the most important skills to learn as this teaches you how to start knitting by showing you how to get your yarn onto your needles.

How to Knit Stitch

Knitting is made up of two basic stitches, the knit stitch is one of them. You’ll find this stitch in every knit pattern, used in different combinations to create different looks. Once you learn this stitch you will be able to easily recognize it in various knit projects.

How to Knit the Purl Stitch

The second basic stitch in knitting is the purl stitch, this stitch is used in combination with knit stitches creates various looks and textures. Understanding the purl stitch and how it works with the knit stitch will greatly help you read knit patterns.

Free Beginner Knit Patterns

The knitting stitches above are the basic skills you’ll need to learn to start knitting confidently. Once you feel comfortable with these three skills you can start practicing with these free knit patterns.
Free Pattern: Simple Garter Cowl in Bernat Mega Bulky yarn

Simple Garter Cowl


Fashion a super-stylish piece to refresh your winter wardrobe. A fabulous creation, shape yours in whatever colour inspires from so many possibilities, using Bernat Mega Bulky. It's so easy to complete, you'll come back to this pattern more than once!

Download Free Pattern

Free Pattern: Keeping it Simple Knit Super Scraf in Bernat Roving yarn

Keeping It Simple Knit Super Scarf


Say hello to a big POP of colour in this scarf featuring massive tassels! Bernat Roving and your imagination let you turn this one out in whatever shade you adore for a striking look that won't go unnoticed. Enjoy the work on this ideal project for the budding knitter.

Download Free Pattern

Free Pattern: Quiet Times Knit Afghan in bernat Maker Home Dec yarn

Quiet Times Knit Afghan


Unwind and relax with this versatile afghan. Bernat Maker Home Dec is a soft and chunky tubular yarn that stitches-up quickly, so you'll be enjoying your blanket in no time. A lightweight, soft feel combined with an impressive texture, makes this DIY project simply easy to adore.

Download Free Pattern

Learn to Crochet

Are you interested in learning to crochet? Have you been intrigued by its intricate look and wonder how to create this? We’ll show you how to crochet by starting with the supplies you’ll need, the best yarns for a beginner to use and the essential skills you’ll need to learn to start crocheting. Want to learn to knit, check out the foundational skills you’ll need to know here.

Crochet Supplies

When learning to crochet, the best yarns we recommend starting out with are more economical choices like Caron One Pound, Caron Jumbo and Bernat Super Value. You tend to need more yarn when you’re crocheting since there is more looping of the yarn involved to create stitches. That’s why we recommend starting out with large skeins of more economical yarns.

To start crocheting with these you will need a 5mm crochet hook.

Foundational Crochet Stitches

Once you’ve got all your supplies you’re ready to start learning to crochet! There are many crochet skills and stitches you can learn; however, we recommend the following foundational skills for you to start off with as they will help you develop the proper techniques you’ll need to learn to crochet.

Foundation Chain Stitch

The foundation chain is the very first step in crocheting. This is a series of chain stitches which allow you to continue crocheting by working stitches into this foundation chain.

Single Crochet Stitch

The single crochet stitch is the most basic and shortest of all crochet stitches. The basic technique of creating this stitch will allow you to easily work other stitches, which is why it’s a great stitch to start of learning first.

Double Crochet Stitch

The double crochet stitch is taller than the single crochet stitch it involves a ‘yarn over’ which requires you to wrap the yarn from back to front before placing the hook in the stitch. This stitch will help you in recognizing where to place your hook in the stitch and how to create taller crochet stitches.

Free Beginner Crochet Patterns

These crochet stitches are essential in learning to crochet as they help you learn the techniques you’ll need to confidently create your own crochet project. Once you feel comfortable with these three skills you can start practicing with these free crochet patterns. You can also check out our YouTube playlist on learning to crochet. It shows you plenty of other stitches you can learn and tutorials that help you work through crochet patterns.

Free Pattern: Crochet Snuggle Pet Bed in Caron One Pound yarn

Crochet Snuggle Pet Bed


Keep any dog or cat happy, whether they're your pet or at the pound waiting for a new family. This Caron One Pound blanket comes in small and large, perfect for animals of all sizes. You can feel great about donating this thoughtful item in multiples, and to your heart's content.

Download Free Pattern

Free Pattern: Cache Baskets in Bernat Mega Bulky yarn

Cache Baskets


There's always some space that needs organizing, so cute baskets often come in handy. Our super thick Bernat Mega Bulky is the ideal yarn for this work, allowing you to finish a luxuriously thick bin with great stitch definition. Explore different colours and make them in small, medium or large sizes for maximum versatility.

Download Free Pattern

Free Pattern: Crochet Poncho in Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds yarn

Crochet Poncho


Autumn was made for fashionable looks like those you create around this elegant poncho. Featuring an easy care wool blend, Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds yarn gives you warmth with a practical flair. The colours of the season await. Which shade expresses your creativity?

Download Free Pattern

Whether you’ve decided to learn to knit or crochet, make sure you share your progress with us on Facebook and Instagram using #yarnspirations. You can also join our Stitch Squad Facebook group, this group is meant for sharing your projects, progress and being part of a helpful community of knitters and crocheters.