Be-pommed: Arm Knit I-cord Scarf

Who doesn’t love a good pompom? Seriously, it’s hard not to smile when you see one. That’s especially the case with

Bernat Faux Fur Pompom — they’re so cute and fuzzy, they make me want to put a pom on it! On everything, that is. Faux fur is a big trend in fashion right now, and arm knitting’s the fad du jour of the yarn world — mix ’em together and get this: an extra long, super-cool and cozy scarf! Oh, and bonus: learn a possibly new-to-you skill: arm knitting i-cord. Score! Here’s how.


Patons Cobbles,2 Balls in color: Chargrey #85044

Bernat Roving,1 Ball in color: Dark Grey #00044

Bernat Faux Fur Pompom 2 poms in color: Bright Green #01223

Large eye tapestry needle or crochet hook


Approx 80″/203 cm long


AK = arm knit

GAUGE Doesn’t matter — woohoo!

DIRECTIONS Holding all four strands of yarn together as if they were one yarn, cast on 4 sts.

1st Row: AK to end.

2nd Row: Slip all sts back onto the arm you just knit them off of; the working yarn will now be at the end of the row (closest to your elbow), instead of the beginning.

Bring the working yarn behind your work and AK the 1st stitch (the one closest to your wrist); AK to end. This method creates i-cord.

Repeat 2nd Row until piece measures 80″/203 cm Long

Instagram Video Example: See how to work AK i-cord

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Using tapestry needle and strand of Sheep(ish), sew a pompom to each end of scarf. Weave in ends and wear!