Color Work: 4 Rules of Striping

Gayle, our Head Designer, shares 4 rules of striping and how to pick the perfect shades for our Knit Crew Neck Pullover

Learning how to stripe is so much fun and choosing stripe colors from the gorgeous shade range in Caron Simply Soft Yarn is easy and inspiring!

4 Rules of Striping in a knit sweater

For this striped variation of our classic Knit Crew Neck Pullover, we start by choosing 5 different shades with color harmony and distinction. Choosing the right colors is important! you’ll want them to stand out and compliment each different stripe. By using an odd number of shades, you create a nice color balance for the thick and thin stripe repeats. Keep in mind, it’s a good idea to choose your favorite shade for the main color since it will also be used for the ribbing and will be the most prominent shade. We took care to calculate the stripe repeats on the sleeves to ensure they would match the body when the armholes are joined. Have fun choosing your 5 stripe shades from the Caron Simply Soft Yarn palette and knit on with confidence!

To create the striped variation of our classic Knit Crew Neck Pullover:

1. Choose 5 different shades from the wide variety of Caron Simply Soft colors.

2. Keep in mind that 1 shade will be your main color and will be used for the ribbing edges and the wider stripes, so choose a favorite shade.

3. The remaining 4 shades need to distinct yet complimentary to balance with the main color shade.

4. For a perfect finish, make sure to match your stripes when sewing side seams. We did the heavy lifting for you and made sure to calculate the correct starting point to begin and end your sleeve stripes after working the cuff. The sleeve and body stripes will match up perfectly when the raglan seams are joined!

4 Rules of Striping in a knit sweater

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