Super Easy DIY: Yarn Hula Skirt

Hula your way into Halloween with this Yarn Hula Skirt! A great way to whip up a Hawaiian Halloween costume, this skirt is a no-needle craft project you can make in a jiffy! Wear this skirt and dance your way into every costume party this year. Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn more.

What you’ll need

Yarn Hula Skirt

Step 1

  • Cut your elastic to the appropriate length for your waist. Not too loose or it will fall, and not too tight or it will be uncomfortable! Tie it in a knot and you can either wear it while you tie on the “grass” or lay it on the ground while you work. We chose to wear it as it allowed a better visualization of where teh yarn was going to fall.

Yarn Hula Skirt

Step 2

  • Cut approximately 100 strands of yarn. When the yarn is doubled over, it should be your desired length for the skirt.

Yarn Hula Skirt

Step 3

  • Loop the doubled up yarn around the elastic and secure it. Keep an eye on your cut yarn as you go. If you want a fuller skirt, you may need to cut more strands. Tie the yarn around the waistband until it is completely surrounded, trim the bottom so it is all even, and you’re done! Pair this skirt with a Hawaiian print button-up and a lei and you’re all ready for Halloween!

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