Modern Nursery: Diy Yarn Mobile

Minimalist and modern baby nurseries are all the rage right now, and we want to show you how to get the same effect without spending the money! This beautiful mobile from our Modern Nursery lookbook will look lovely hanging above a crib, and it will do double-duty by keeping your little one engaged and interested in the swaying balls of color just out of reach. For yarn inspiration, take a look at the ones we chose to make this colors and textures pop! Feel free to use any colors that you love.

Featured Yarn

Other Supplies:

  • 12 inch wreath form
  • 14 inch wreath form
  • Fishing line
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • 1 inch metal ring
  • Straight pins
  • Styrofoam balls of multiple sizes (optional)

  • Making the Mobile Structure

  • Use straight pins to create holes in both of the wreath forms at each end.
  • Thread the fishing line through the smaller form and tie to anchor, leaving a long end (approximate 2 meters. You can trim the excess later!)
  • Thread the loose ends at the top side of the smaller form through the holes in the large form and tie to anchor. You want to leave about 10-12 inches in between the two wreaths.
  • Take the long ends and decide how far from the ceiling your mobile will hang, making sure both rings are level. Once you’ve found the right length, cut the fishing line with a few extra inches to spare and tie the ends to the 1 inch metal ring.

  • Making the Mobile Structure 2

  • Wrap the wreaths with your choice of yarn
  • As you wrap, use the hot glue gun to anchor the yarn. To help the glue set, pin the yarn down as you go to hold in place.

Making the Mobile Structure 3

For the balls of yarn, you can use solely yarn to make them, or if you’re low on yarn after your projects, you can wrap it around styrofoam balls. Here we show the directions without styrofoam balls.

Create Yarn Balls

  • Create balls of yarn of different sizes and glue into place.
  • Thread approximate two feet of fishing line through several strands on each ball and tie in place.

  • Thread Yarn Balls

    Thread Yarn Balls 2

  • Take your wrapped wreath forms and hang them from a ceiling mount by the metal ring.
  • While it’s hanging, you can start tying your balls of yarn around the wreath forms at differing heights.
  • Note: The lowest of the hanging balls of yarn MUST be out of reach of the baby, so keep that in mind when deciding the length of wire for both the wrapped wreath forms and balls.
  • To finish, trim any excess fishing line and you’re done!

Yarn Mobile