Quick Project - Arm Crochet Cowl

The Yarnspirations team and I are having so much fun with arm knitting, that we thought we’d try arm crocheting (this actually may not have even been a thing — it’s different than finger crocheting — but I tried it and it works, so we’re going with it!) Using several strands of chunky yarn, you use your wrist to hold the loop(s) and your hand to act as the hook. Depending on just how many strands you use (and what size your hand and wrist are), you’ll either get a rugged and rope-y effect or a more traditional crochet look. For this particular cowl, I went for the latter. With only 6 strands of Softee Chunky and the will to craft, I whipped out this cozy cowl in under an hour. I also threw in a pop of color, because who couldn’t use a bright spot during a gloomy, winter’s day? Curious about the technique? Excellent! I just so happen to have a video to fill you in on the scoop. Give it a watch, then make this cowl in a jiff.

Arm Crochet Cowl


Bernat Softee Chunky in colors: 4 balls Grey Ragg #28047, and 1 ball each of Grey Heather #28046 & Pumpkin #28630

Large-eye yarn needle FINISHED SIZE Approx 10″/25 cm x 30″/76 cm


ACH = arm chain

ASC = arm single crochet

GAUGE Doesn’t matter — woohoo!

DIRECTIONS Holding all four strands of yarn together as if they were one yarn, ACH 8.

1st Row: ASC in 2nd ACH from wrist and to end; turn. (7 sts)

2nd Row: ACH 1, ASC in front loop only of next st and in every st to end; turn. Repeat 2nd Row until piece measures 30″/76 cm long. Fasten off leaving tail for seaming.

FINISHING Using yarn needle and tail, seam short ends together to create cowl shape. Weave in ends.

Arm Knit Crochet Cowl