9 Ways to Tie Your Super Scarf

Watch as we show your 9 ways to tie your super scarf!

Time to get wrapped up in the Super Scarf of your choice! Now that you’ve finished knitting or crocheting your favorite scarf, it’s time to learn some of the possible ways you can wear it. In this video, we show 9 examples of how to wrap it, drape it, and tie it!

Wrap it: With a scarf this long, you can wrap it once or wrap it forever! One loop around your shoulders will be perfect in the fall air, while three loops will get you and your ears through the coldest winter day.

Drape it: Whether it’s a quick toss over your shoulder, or a well-executed drape to protect against the wind, your Super Scarf will do the trick.

Tie it: If a simple knot is what your looking for, tie your scarf up on the way out of the house and don’t look back, but mastering the art of the fancy knot will show off your new scarf in a really unique way!

The colder it gets, the warmer you’ll be.

How will you wear your Super Scarf?