Spring Trend Alert! Color Clash

This spring, matching is out. Colors are breaking the rules and colliding to make clashes that stand out from the crowd.

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Spring Style Trend Alert

Add a little color clash to your spring style. This fresh way to liven up your wardrobe is quite simple: to get the clashing look, choose colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. When it comes to color, clashes between neighboring colors are a fresh take on styling this Spring.

The color wheel is used by designers to create striking color combinations.

Neighboring colors on the color wheel create harmonious clashing colors.

Color Wheel Diagram

Designer-curated Clashing Combinations

Here are a few examples of striking color clashes to inspire your next project. Our designers got creative with the Caron Simply Soft collection and paired the knitted Caron Adult Knit Crew Neck Pullover in Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Chartreuse with its next-door neighbor on the color wheel: a classic blue. The crocheted Caron Crochet Bobble Cardigan in Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Fuchsia collides cheerfully with a bright orange. And the crocheted Caron Adult Crochet Turtleneck Pullover in Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Ocean sets off a pair of sage-green jeans.

Caron Simply Soft Sweaters

Choose your own Clashing Combos

Want to try your hand at choosing your own clashing combos? Use the color wheel as a guide to find the perfect clash. Got a favorite pair of purple pants? Knit a sweater in Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Neon Pink! Can’t find anything in your closet to pair that bright yellow skirt? Crochet a cardigan in Caron Simply Soft Yarn, Persimmon to turn up the intensity! Whatever color you choose, you’re sure to find it in Caron Simply Soft’s huge array of stunning shades.

Mix and Clash Color Trend Banner

Using Caron Simply Soft and these easy clashing guidelines, you can knit or crochet something new to clash with an old favorite. Browse the colors of Caron Simply Soft, grab your knitting needles or crochet hooks to get started. Don’t worry: you can always pair your new bright sweater with jeans or basic black. Handmade items are versatile and will be with you for the long haul. So, when you want to clash out with this spring’s trend, look for nearby colors for your matching piece and let the colors collide.