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Hey there, Brittany here from B.Hooked! At some point this season you’ll probably find yourself in a pinch before Christmas. When you do, I have just the project for you! As long as you have about 30 minutes to spare, you can whip up a festive little topper for the wine bottle you’ll be taking to that holiday party.

Bernat Super Value Holiday Bottle Toppers

I have to be honest and say this little project blends three of my favorite things: crochet, saving time and wine but three years ago that wouldn’t have been the case. My husband and I went on a trip of a lifetime back in 2015 to Italy – basically wine country! Prior to that trip, I hated wine and could only tolerate the varieties that tasted like fruit juice.

My husband said, “now Brittany, I need you to be able to take a drink of red wine and not make that bitter wine face”.

We tried everything from Pinot Noir, to Chianti, to Cabernet…all bitter wine faces. Our attempts led us through a full palette of red wines and white wines. We were both looking for “THE wine” that I could drink with a normal face. What we should have realized was that it wasn’t going to happen in this ah-ha!, yep, that’s it! moment.

It’s about the journey.

That’s what these little Bernat Bottle Toppers signifies for me – the journey one takes on their road to fewer “bitter wine faces” (does anyone really love bold wine on their first sip?) and the journey of creating something out of yarn.

Bernat Super Value Yarn

Let’s not forget that time saving factor though. With only four colors of Bernat Super Value yarn and 30 minutes, you can make either of these adorable toppers for your wine bottle! Now it’s probably a good idea to order at least one skein of each color. That way you’ll have enough yarn for the wine topper to take to your party but you’ll also have enough yarn to make dozens of quick little gifts!

Bernat Super Value Santa Bottle Toppers

I personally love the Santa topper the most and I decided to take a more abstract approach by not embroidering eyes. He’s perfect for my (now favorite red wine) Meiomi Pinot Noir!!

As you can see, Santa here has a couple of color transitions. Don’t worry if you have never changed colors mid-project. It’s super easy and I demonstrate exactly how to do it in the tutorial!

Bernat Super Value Santa & Raindeer Bottle Toppers

The reindeer bottle topper is a lot of fun to bring to life. The main part of the body incorporates a few increases so there’s an opportunity to learn something new if you haven’t dabbled in shaping too much but my favorite part was the nose! From the images, it looks like the nose is embroidered on afterward but it’s actually crocheted right in.

Such a cool technique!

Bernat Super Value Raindeer Bottle Toppers

Whether you’re looking for a quick project (the kind you need tonight), a homemade gift that comes together lightning fast or are on your journey to fewer bitter wine faces, the Bernat Bottle Toppers are a must try.

If you need a little guidance, have a look at my video tutorial. I cover the entire process for both Santa and Reindeer! Just go right ahead and do it – download the free pattern and order your Bernat Super Value yarn!

I’ll see you in the tutorial, friend.