Living Life in Color!

Our newest lookbook, Living Color, celebrates joyful color and texture with 10 new home décor crochet and knit patterns! Color can be tricky to integrate into your home decor – but these pieces are the perfect accents! It’s even easier when you break color into two groups – warm and cool shades.

Living Color Inspiration

Warm shades are your traditionally toasty colors – yellows, reds, oranges – reminiscent of sunsets, or fire. Warm shades are stimulating, and emotionally soothing. In the home, they work beautifully with earthy neutral colors, and make great year round statement pieces in shared spaces like living rooms, and kitchens.

Living Color Pillows

On the other end of the color spectrum are cool colors – shades of blue, purple, and greens – these make you think of water, the sky, and the earth. Cool colors are serene, and calming. These shades work well with clean, crisp neutrals like white and greys. Cool colors are perfect for quiet, private spaces where you want a soothing atmosphere.

Living Color Plant Holder

Don’t be afraid of color – when it comes to happy, cheerful shades, there is no such thing as too much! Create a great balanced space by using both warm and cool shades together – add some cool accents in a mostly warm room, or vice versa. Your home will look more polished than ever before!

Living Color Pouf

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