Magic Wands: Halloween Round Up

I absolutely love Halloween. It’s definitely when the creativity flows in children and adults alike. We have the want to go all out with pulling up ideas from deep within. We have the burning desires to figure out how to figure out costumes that are cute for some and absolutely terrifying to another.

For children, Halloween costumes can double up as make believe clothes for role playing. They can also serve as school play clothes too.

Today, I have decided to do a mini round up of costumes ideas that can kick off your Halloween just right. I hate to say this though, I tried the magic wand and swished it over my dirty dishes and it didn’t do anything but I swear I heard it mumble, “That’s what the dish cloth and tea towels are for!”

Yarn Magic Wands

Halloween Ideas

1 Princess Wand & Tiara

2 The Monster Ate My Homework Tote

3 Scaredy Cat Dishcloth

4 Ghost Dishcloth

You can keep on looking at Yarnspirations for more ideas.

Until next week, don’t let any crochet projects scare ya!