Make a dishcloth every week!

Happy Summer! It’s time for our first dishcloth of the season. If you read my last article, you will remember that I plan on making a dishcloth every week this summer. My choice for this week is the Knit Doily. It’s fast and beautiful….just like me. Ha! :) It is knit in the round on double pointed needles, then can be continued on a small circular if you want. (I want!) I will be posting step-by-step videos on my YouTube channel, so be sure to follow me there, if you want to knit along with me.

I’ve made this pattern in the past, and I really love how it turns out. I like to use my finished cloth as a hot pad for my teapot.

Knit Doily Dishcloth

Be sure to post comments here, or on the Yarnspirations Facebook page, and let us know how you like this project. Happy knitting!