Survivors Speak: Sarah Cramer

Fallen Patriots Scholarship Recipient

My father, Paul Enno Cramer, died on March 3rd, 2001 in a training accident. I was 10 years old. He had left from Virginia to go to Florida for a two week training course with the Air National Guard. While flying back to Virginia, the plane, carrying 21 men, ended up tragically crashing to the ground in Unadilla, Georgia. There were no survivors.

I will never forget the night that two men dressed in uniform showed up at my house to tell my family and I about the death of my father. Not a day goes by that I do not think about my dad, but it is through the healing hand of God and the strength and encouragement of my family and friends that I have been able to move forward from this life-shattering day.

Eventually, I began to attend college at Liberty University, but was overwhelmed with the price of school. I still remember the day I found out about Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. It is because of Fallen Patriots that I was able to graduate from college debt free. I am forever grateful to Children Fallen Patriots for the indescribable support they have been to me, and am proud to honor my father by giving back and serving alongside this incredible foundation.