Trend Spotting Lookbook

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ancient crafts

Artisanal crafts honor the skills of our ancestors. This trend is all about mixing rich textures with ancient motifs and earthy neutral colors.

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ancient craft picture collage (throw, pillow)

playful abundance

The playful spirit is alive and well. This trend combines colors, prints and patterns and indulges our appetite for exuberance. Embrace the joy of piling on all the embellishments and feel your spirits soar.

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power of circles

The circle is a powerful symbol of wholeness found in the cycles of the sun and the moon and the roundness of the Earth itself. Embrace this trend by exploring pattern motifs inspired by orbs, spirals and spheres.

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power of circles picture collage (rugs, jar cover, plate holder)


Clean, simple and beautiful, the minimalist trend embraces neutral shades and lets the charm of the patterns shine through. The satisfying beauty of the stitches themselves are featured with clean lines and gorgeous textures.

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minimalism picture collage