5 Tips for Crocheting for Men

How many times have you made something for the man in your life only to have it collect dust in the coat closet or in the bottom of your hamper? Maybe they use it once just to make you feel better, then you never happen to see it again.

It happens to all of us, and over the years I've realized there are a few things each of us can do to make sure that doesn't happen, at least not as often.

Today, I want to share with you my hard and fast five rules that will make sure whatever you crochet for the men in your life, they love and will want to wear.

  1. Know your man - Men can't fake it and if they don't like something, you'll know it. Right away. How can you avoid this? Take a look at what the man wears each day. Is he a cardigan or pullover kind of guy? Buttons or snaps? Does he wear hats or a balaclava? Mittens or gloves? Ask yourself these questions. Maybe raid the closet (with consent of course) and then decide on your project from there.
  2. Men are rough - well most of us anyway. It's something to keep in mind, not only do we sweat we rarely hand wash or take care of our knits. We throw our clothes in the washer, sweat like crazy, and wear holes in our jeans. We don't deserve cashmere. Keep it simple and choose wool or acrylic or both.
  3. Men don't want cute - as much as I hate to say it...most of us won't wear a cute colorwork sweater. At least not in public. It's a generalization, sure, but the bottom line is...if you want something that we will wear day in and day out? Keep it simple. Keep it plain. Keep it wearable.
  4. Men hate fitting rooms - when was the last time you saw a line at the men's fitting room in Target or Walmart? Can't remember? Neither can I. That's because men hate trying things on. We aren't fussy. When we know our size, we know our size. When it doesn't fit, we take it back. When it comes to knits, that can't happen. Know the size your man needs, and check it twice.
  5. Keep it simple - It might be a replay of rule 2 but men need simple. Simple hats, simple mittens, simple sweaters, simple socks. Keep it simple. I promise. You'll never go wrong. Simplicity should apply to color as well.

I hope you like these rules and keep them in mind when you're crocheting for your man through the year. Applying these to every project will make sure your man loves your makes each and every time. Explore our Men's Crochet Gift Guide for some great pattern inspiration.

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