Fairy Tent Craft Project Tutorial

In some parts of the world, spring has come early! If you're getting your garden ready, and have kids who love to create, why not make a fairy garden for them to play with? A quick internet search will give you plenty of ideas. We hope you start with these cute tents! They're great for using up scrap yarn and are a great way to a Add color to any garden, big or small.


  • Sticks or dowels, roughly trimmed to the same size. (The sticks for the small tent are about 7, and about 9 long for the larger tent)
  • Yarn: Super Saver colors used:
    • 672 Spring Green
    • 512 Turqua
    • 722 Pretty ˜N Pink
    • 979 Petal Pink\
    • 235 Lemon
    • 520 Minty
  • Scissors
  • Recommended: Hot glue gun

With a 10 piece of yarn, wrap around the top of the sticks, leaving 1-2 on top.

Spread sticks out gently, so they can stand on their own, if you want more security, add a dab of hot glue in the center of the sticks. Be sure to hold them in position until the glue hardens.

Continue wrapping around the sticks, being sure not to pull them out of position.

To change colors, simply tie a new color on to the old color. Trim the knots and leave them on the outside as shown.lternatively, for a cleaner look you can leave a longer tail and wrap over the knots.

To make the door, choose two sticks to frame the opening. Wrap around the first stick and bring the yarn around to the back of the tent, to the other side of the opening, and wrap around that stick.