Color Suggestions for Ombre

A few weeks ago we published on a blog on How to Create an Ombre. An ombre is a color effect that gradually goes from one color to another color. If you're interested in creating an ombre effect but aren't sure which colors to use, read on! We have eight color combination suggestions for you, plus more ideas on creating your own effects.

Color Families

The easiest way to do an ombre is to arrange colors from dark to light within a color family, such as pink or green. Here are some suggestions within color families for you to use.

All of the suggested colors are in Red Heart Super Saver. You can choose similar colors in other yarns for a similar effect.

All colors listed left to right.

Pink: 774 Light Raspberry, 706 Perfect pink, 373 Petal Pink, 724 Baby Pink

E300 pinks for ombre

Teal/Turquoise: 656 Real Teal, 3862 Jade, 512 Turqua, 505 Aruba Sea

E300 teals for ombre

Purple: 776 Dark Orchid, 528 Medium Purple, 530 Orchid, 579 Pale Plum

E300 purples for ombre

Green: 389 Hunter Green, 406 Medium Thyme, 624 Tea Leaf, 668 Honeydew

E300 greens for ombre

Brown: 365 Coffee, 360 Cafe Latte, 336 Warm Brown, 334 Buff

E300 browns for ombre

Yellow: 324 Bright Yellow, 320 Cornmeal, 235 Lemon, 322 Pale Yellow

E300 yellows for ombre

Orange: 726 Coral, 256 Carrot, 254 Pumpkin, 3251 Flame

E300 oranges for ombre

Blue: 387 Soft Navy, 385 Royal, 886 Blue, 885 Delft, 381 Light Blue

E300 blues for ombre

Color Effects

With a little thought, you can make fun changes from the basic color families. For example, you can combine color families. Using the brown and green color suggestions in the same project would make it seem like camouflage.

E300 browns and greens for ombre

Or see how projects look if you do a dark, medium, light, medium, dark order and compare it to a dark, medium, light, dark, medium, light order.

E300 pinks version A for ombre E300 pinks version B for ombre

Feel free to experiment! What is your favorite type of ombre?

Pattern Suggestions

Here are a couple of ombre patterns to get you started!

Radiating Ripple Throw LW4810 Radiating Ripple Throw Glowing Embers Basket LW4265 Glowing Embers Basket