Monster Truck Floor Pillow

It’s Monster Truck mania! Your kids will love lounging on this attractive machine appliquéd floor pillow. Dual Duty XP all-purpose is the perfect thread for this applique using a blanket stitch.

Designed by Lori Harder.

Skill level: Intermediate

Finished Project Size: 38” x 28” x 7”


Coats Dual Duty XP All Purpose Thread – 1 spool contrasting color and matching color

Coats Dual Duty XP Heavy Thread – 1 spool

Plush Fabric*:

1 yd apple green – pillow top

1 yd dark turquoise – sides

1 yd navy – wheels, axles, exhaust pipe

3” white – top exhaust & flagpole

¼ yd turquoise – hubcap, window & flag

½ yd houndscheck – truck body

Additional Requirements:

4 yds muslin or broadcloth for backing fabric

2 yds Batting

4 bags Polyfil from Fairfield

505 Basting spray glue

Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Supplies

*We used Cuddle; by Shannon Fabrics – Cuddle; 3 in Dark Turquoise and Snow White; Cuddle; Dimple in Apple Green, KCB Houndscheck Cuddle; Midnight/Teal, Embossed Houndstooth Cuddle; Navy.

Click here for Cuddle Sewing tips.


From Apple Green plush

Pillow top: 38” x 30” rectangle with corners rounded (trace curve of dinner plate)

From Houndscheck Midnight/Teal plush– Join front and bed and cut truck all in one piece:

Truck front -15” w x 13 h square with front corners rounded (trace curve of 5”cup)

Truck bed- 21” x 7 ½” rectangle with top corner rounded (trace curve of 5”cup)

From Dark Turquoise plush –

Sides of Pillow- -cut 2- 68”w x 8” h

Window- 11”w x 6 ¾”h rectangle with top right corner rounded (trace curve of 5”cup)

Hubcap- Cut 2- 5” or 6” circle- trace cup

Flag- 4 ½ x 7 x 8 ½ Triangle- Cut the longest side wavy.

From Navy plush

Pillow bottom: 38”w x 30”h rectangle with corners rounded (trace curve of dinner plate)

Wheel- Cut 2-10 ½” circle- trace a dinner plate

Axle: Cut 2- 1 ½” circles

Exhaust Pipe – 2” w x 7 ½ ”h- slightly round corners

From White plush:

Flagpole-3/8”w x 14” h

Exhaust, top pipe: 1 1/8” w at bottom tapering to ¾”, 2 ¼” h with a slight angle to right.


2-38”w x 30”h rounded rectangles

2-68”w x 8 h” rectangles

Backing fabric:

2-38”w x 30”h rounded rectangles

2-68”w x 8” h rectangles

Appliqueing the Truck:

Use contrasting all-purpose thread and a blanket stitch or other decorative stitch for the applique. Test first on a scrap of fabric. You will be glue-basting pieces to the pillow top following the manufacturer’s instructions for the basting spray.

  1. Place the Apple Green plush for pillow top on a flat surface. Using the photo as a guide, lay out truck pieces noting where pieces overlap. Use pins to mark key points for placement.
  2. Starting with the truck body, spray glue on the wrong side and place on pillow top aligning with pins that mark placement. Glue-baste window onto cab section of truck body. Add exhaust pipe with white top exhaust pipe slipped just under top of main pipe. Sew around these sections, securing thread ends by pulling them to the underside and tying off.
  3. Glue baste the flag pole in place and the flag, slipping the edge of the flag just under the pole. Stitch and secure ends.
  4. Assemble the wheels. Glue baste the axles to the center of the hubcaps and the hubcaps to the tires. Stitch. Glue-baste tires to truck. Stitch and secure ends.

Constructing pillow

Use ½” seam allowances.

Each piece is layered like a quilt with the plush fabric on top, backing fabric on the bottom and batting in the middle.

  1. Place pillow back of backing fabric right side down on a flat surface. Glue-baste batting to the wrong side of backing fabric. Glue baste plush pillow back right side up to batting. Repeat process with each side section and pillow top.
  2. Baste pillow top, sides and bottom around outside edges 3/8” from edge.
  3. Sew the short ends of the pillow side sections right sides of plush fabric together. Trim short ends of batting to ¼”.
  4. On the pillow top, mark the center of each side. On the side section, mark the center between the seams. With right sides together, pin side section to the pillow top matching the center marking to the center of the longest sides of pillow top and the seams to the center of the shorter side. Stitch. Repeat for the pillow bottom, leaving a 24” opening for stuffing. Stuff with Polyfil.
  5. Hand stitch opening closed with XP Heavy Thread. This thread is extra-strong and makes the closure more secure.