The Long & Short of Hemming Jeans

Who loves to hem blue jeans? Don’t everyone raise their hand at once! With kids, the question is “to hem or not to hem?” As sure as you do, the growth spurt will hit.

Here is a short cut to hemming those long jeans. This method gives a finished look that will not look “dorky” even to the pickiest teenager.

1. Step one is the hardest– make them try them on so you can mark the hem.

2. Mark the hemline. Measure 1/2 inch below the hemline and mark. Measure 1/2 inch above the topstitching of the existing hem and mark.

3. Cut on the 1/2″ marks above the existing hem and below the new hemline. Discard or set aside the center section of fabric.
4. Pin the existing hem, right sides together to the new hem, aligning cut edges and matching seams.
5. Stitch together using a scant 1/2″ seam allowance. At the original seams trim to reduce bulk. It may be necessary to manually turn the hand wheel to stitch through the thick areas where the seams overlap. Stitching should be just below the fold of the original hem.
6. Set machine for an overcast stitch and stitch around to finish cut edges. May also be overlocked using a serger.

7. Press seam away from hem.
8. Voila! The finished hem looks great!!