Sewing with Outdoor Thread

This time of year we often get questions about what type of thread to use for sewing or repairing outdoor items like deck chairs and cushions for benches and chairs. The constant exposure to the sun, chlorine and the elements are very demanding on fabrics and threads.

Coats Outdoor thread is a bonded polyester, designed for this purpose. It is actually the same construction as the thread awning manufacturers use. This thread is resistant to almost every form of weather-related abuse including UV rays and moisture.

It is a Tex 90, which is a very heavy thread—the heaviest that can be used on a home sewing machine.

Here are some tips when using Coats Outdoor thread:

  • Use a size 18 or 20 (110 or 120) needle
  • Use a longer stitch length, 6-8 stitches per inch, or 4 mm. A thick thread needs more space to form a stitch
  • Increase top tension
  • Sew slowly. The thread is thick and less flexible than all-purpose thread. Stitch quality will be better if you slow down!