How to Make a Tassel

Tassels are a fun way to decorate the end of a scarf or the edge of a blanket, and they are easier to make than you think! Follow our step-by-step instructions, or try our Red Heart Pom & Tassel Maker, and you'll have your own set in no time at all.


  • 1 ball of yarn

  • 1 object the size you want your tassel to be, such as a piece of cardboard, a book, or a DVD case

  • Scissors

  • Time


Step 1

Gather your supplies. The size of the object you wrap your yarn around determines the size of your tassel. We used a book for ours.

How to Make A Tassel

Step 2

Wrap your yarn evenly around your book. Keep the tension on the yarn even and don't let it get too loose. Keep wrapping until the tassel is the size you want and cut the yarn.

How to Make A Tassel

Step 3

Cut 3 short pieces of yarn 4-6" long and slip one under one half of the wrapped yarn.

How to Make A Tassel

Step 4

Knot the short piece of yarn securely and slide the tassel off of the book.

How to Make A Tassel

Step 5

Wrap the second short piece around the entire tassel near the end where you tied the first piece. Knot it securely.

How to Make A Tassel

Step 6

Cut the open loops at the end of the tassel and trim the ends.

How to Make A Tassel

Step 7

Slip the final short piece of yarn through the top of the tassel and make a loop or use it to attach the tassel to something.

How to Make A Tassel