Summer Essential: Crochet Carry All Bag

Hi friends! Brittany here from B.hooked to share my latest Lookbook crochet project from Yarnspirations with you!

The Cute Crochet Carry-All from the Pic-Knit lookbook is a free crochet pattern that caught my eye this month for one big reason – the shaping. But first, a little back story.

About three years ago, I reached out to a dear friend for help. At the time I was quite certain that I was either irreversibly indecisive or perhaps a little crazy (neither of which were true). You see, I found myself bouncing from hobby to hobby, interest to interest. I’d learn how to do one thing and as quickly as I picked it up, would put it down and never look back. I had convinced myself that I had no clue what I wanted to pursue in my free time and I didn’t know how to change. On that desperate phone call I poured out my concerns to her to which she responded, “Brittany, have you tried Strengths Finder?” I had no clue what that was.

Through Strengths Finder, I found the reason to my “madness”. My number one strength is learning.

Since that day I made it a priority to not only recognize that learning is a real strength but also own it and apply it to make the world a better place. As a learner, I seek out every opportunity to learn something new and my passion, crochet, is no exception. With crochet there seems to be an endless supply of learning opportunities, right?

Crochet Carry All Bag in Bernat Maker Home Dec - B.hooked Crochet's version

I found inspiration in the shaping of the Cute Crochet Carry-All in this month’s Yarnspirations Lookbook. Although I’ve been crocheting for years, I hadn’t tried something that involved this kind of shaping before. If you ask me, it’s pretty genius!

Crochet Carry All Bag in Bernat Maker Home Dec - B.hooked Crochet's version

I started out using a solid color of Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn in Aqua but by the midway point, wondered how it would look two-toned. As luck would have it, I had a ball of Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn in Clay in my stash! It’s not luck, though really. Ever since Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn came out, I’ve been a loyal fan. It’s one of the few bulky weight yarns that I truly enjoy working with because it doesn’t take a lot of “elbow grease” to let the stitches flow. I’m all about strength training but I try to keep that in the gym!

Crochet Carry All Bag in Bernat Maker Home Dec - B.hooked Crochet's version

I fed my inner learner and mastered a knew skill through the process of crocheting the Cute Crochet Carry-All and I’m here to demonstrate it in my recent tutorial. You can take this shaping technique with you on your journey to advance your skills or even pursue your passion as a designer!

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Bye for now!


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