10 Ways to Get Yarning for National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month and we're celebrating with some of our favorite ways to get yarning! From creating art to home DIY projects there are always so many exciting new crafts to try out. We've rounded up 10 to celebrate National Craft Month!

1. Create a Piece of Yarn Art

Yarn Art can be a simple yet fun way to brighten up any space. Create a beautiful image using multiple colors or fun saying for a custom look.

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2. Make-up your own Craft

From wrapping shapes with yarn to finger crochet and arm knitting there are so many fun ways to use yarn without your hooks and needles. Step outside what might be your comfort zone to create something original with just a little imagination!

3. Craft with Friends

Crafting with friends is always a great idea! Whether you are in a crochet group or just trying something different for ladies night crafting in a group can spur new creativity.

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4. Weaving

Weaving projects can be a really simple but great introduction into yarning.

5. Celebrate with Pompoms

It's safe to say pompoms are here and here to stay! From hat toppers to garland and whimsical decor there are so many ways to incorporate poms into your crafting.

allicrafts-image-1507643480612 bluefish88-image-1507647872377 bluefish88-image-1507647872377

6. Teach a Craft to a Group

Whether you are teaching at a school or volunteering teaching others a new craft can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Plus it's a great way to share your love for crafting!

7. Pin Fun Craft Ideas

You all know how much we love using Pinterest as an inspiration resource. It is full of great tips and tricks for yarning but also tons of crafts for every season, holiday or age group! Follow our DIY and Crafts board for more ideas.

8. Macrame

Macrame is having a come back in recent years! From wall hangings to plant holders, this style is popping up all over. Replicate the high-end look. Learn more about different macrame knots and work on your own project.

9. Jazz up Boring Household Items

Jars, picture frames, cans, wine bottles, trash cans etc. you can wrap just about anything in yarn to add a little extra pizzaz!
Easy Wrap Cans Easy Wrap Cans
Crafty Flower Pots Crafty Flower Pots

10. Show off your finished work!

We love seeing all your finished projects plus we know you love sharing them! Sharing photos of your finished projects on is a fun way to spread the love! Share your creations made with Red Heart Yarn on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and our Yarn Lover's Gallery. Don't forget to use #RedHeartYarns!

10 Ways to get Yarning for National Craft Month