Marly Bird Loves Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn

Our national spokesperson, Marly Bird, loves the new Red Heart Soft Essentials and Soft Essentials Stripes yarns, and thinks you will too! Let her tell you all about it, and then follow along with her video tutorial for a free cowl pattern she designed.

Soft Essentials and Soft Essentials Stripes are available only at Michaels, so Marly went to her local Michaels store in Colorado to let everyone know about the yarn.

If you listened to Marly's Yarn Thing podcast on January 29th, you heard our own Cat Babbie discussing Soft Essentials with Marly. If you missed it, listen here or watch the simultaneous Facebook live video below.

And finally, follow along with her free video to make this pretty cowl crocheted in Soft Essentials Stripes.