News Alert for Scrubby Lovers

We just added 10 new print colors of Red Heart Scrubby yarn and our designers have come up with new projects that are quick to make and special enough to give as gifts. I especially like the Waves color mix in blues for my own bath and the Zesty or Marble for my kitchen. Take a look at this array of color swatches and choose the ones you'd like for your home and others to give as gifts.

938 Almond 984 Citrus 934 Candy 932 Jelly 986 Blossom 936 Waves 980 Tropical 940 Capri 982 Zesty 930 Marble

In my house I have scrubbies that are only used for dishes and others only used in the shower, another at the bathroom sink for face washing and others under the sink that are used just for cleaning. Scrubby has definitely taken the place of the sponge in many cleaning tasks, as Scrubby has just the right amount of abrasiveness to get the job done.

Puppy Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW5235New shades of Almond and Marble are perfect for a knit Puppy Scrubby (LW5235). It's the ideal Scrubby for washing behind a child's ears. Or maybe to wash the family dog. ; )

LW5169 Mom & Me Bunny Scrubby MittsBlossom is a sweet color choice for crochet Mom & Me Bunny Scrubby Mitts (LW5169) for bath time or washing your face at the sink. It's not too long until Mother's Day. So if you need a clever gift idea, make a Scrubby for Mom and combine it with a nice soap or her favorite hand lotion. Scalloped Edge Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5230Scalloped Edge Scrubbies (LW5230) are crocheted with new Zesty or Tropical prints. Scrubby Bath Poufs Free Crochet Pattern LW5170Scrubby Bath Poufs (LW5170) are crocheted with Candy or Waves prints. LW5115 Soap Pocket Scrubby Crochet PatternSoap Pocket Scrubby (LW5115) can be crocheted in any hue as the perfect way to give a bar of soap. LW5114 Corner-to-Corner Scrubby Knitting PatternCorner-to-Corner Scrubby (LW5114) is fun to knit with Jelly print for nice color interest. It's a good size and shape for any purpose!